Saison Market’s Green Eggs and Feet

If you haven’t been to Saison Market on Mays Road for a taste of France, consider yourself lucky. Once you do, no bread or pastry will taste the same. But this isn’t about Saison’s incredibly-sweet-yet-impossibly-light cinnamon buns, or their tortiere that in one bite could make an anglophone bilingual. This is about green eggs and hens feet.

On our last visit, we bought a dozen of their fresh eggs. As with everything at Saison, the eggs come with a twist: they are multi-coloured. Not just green, but yellow and blue too. The proprietor told us the egg’s colour matches the pigment in the hen’s feet.

This was just too curious for someone who grew up in the City. So before we left, we went to the coop to see these coloured feet for ourselves. I’m no hen expert, but these are some healthy looking birds. Fluffy and fat. And, just as he said, they had green and blue and yellow feet.

Like everything at Saison, the eggs were incredible. I scrambled up some green eggs on Sunday morning and they were creamy, smooth and delicious. I guess that’s the kind of egg a hen produces when on a Parisian diet.

How to get there


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