Wheatgrass Cafe on Queens Road

My coffee date stood me up. It was his idea to meet at the Wheatgrass Cafe on Queens Road in Duncan –  a place I’d never been and nearly couldn’t find – and yet he didn’t show.

It was hard to be disappointed though; the cafe is too cheery for that. The proprietor and I chatted non-stop about her cafe and the excitement of running a business, about how she loves cooking and baking food, and about the unique decor and spaces in her cafe. All the while she sliced and diced and blended my fresh carrot, apple and ginger juice. I’ve been stood up before but never have I been so pleased about it.

My coffee date apologized and asked could we meet again. So a week later I found myself at the Wheatgrass Cafe, this time for lunch. A new sign and sandwich board out front made the place impossible to miss. I ordered a juice (my lunch date’s choice, which included cayenne and made my eyes water in a good way) and a prawn Thai wrap.

Lunch Date and I talked easily about business things in one of the cafe’s nooks. It was private enough to speak freely but not so private as to miss out on the people watching. When our wraps arrived, delivered with care by the proprietor herself (she does it all!), I could no longer concentrate on what Lunch Date was saying. The wrap was so light and so full of flavour. Combined with the fresh peppery juice, I was completely distracted by taste.

It was only as I left that I realized how great I felt. Instead of wanting a nap that afternoon, I was full of energy. Must find an excuse to go again. Anyone want to meet for lunch?

Find Wheatgrass Cafe on Facebook.

How to get there


  1. Maeve

    Yvonne and I think you really need to hire us for your blog as a picture is worth a thousand words (you will save time) and a video could show what your words Describe…

    Your blog rocks… are you going to Twitter us now?

    Y & K

    1. When my blog is #1 on Technorati, maybe I’ll hire you both. Maybe. 😉

      The verb is ‘tweet’, not ‘twitter’. (Don’t worry, someone had to explain that to me once).

      Miss you guys!

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