Grapevine Restaurant: A Love Letter

Dear Grapevine Restaurant,

Every time I walk by and see no menu posted and no friendly potato peeler lady at the back door, my heart sinks and my shoulders drop. You were part of what makes Maple Bay so special.

Like many Maple Bayers, my family dined there for special occasions or when guests would visit. Once or twice, my husband and I snuck out of the house (babysitter in place!) for a romantic birthday or anniversary meal.

My husband’s favourite story to tell about you is when he took our eldest daughter, who was then two years old, on a date. She sat in her own chunky driftwood chair across the table from him, just like a grown up. He beams with pride when he recalls how well behaved she was, and how polite she was when she asked their friendly server, “Excuse me please Dave, may I please have more bread?”

My favourite story about you is when my friend Sheri visited from Victoria. She was 7-months pregnant, and like any healthy mama, she loves her food. She ordered the ribeye steak with fresh vegetables and creamy lump-free mash potatoes; I had the mouth-watering halibut in champagne sauce.

Both of us were blown away by how delicious the vegetables tasted, as though they’d been picked straight from the ground that morning. But Sheri’s steak was gristly so she left most of it. When the dark-haired waitress (whose gorgeous smile always made us and our kids feel welcome) came to remove our plates, she asked Sheri if there was something wrong with her steak. Just then, Dan the owner walked by and asked the same. Sheri didn’t complain because she’d eaten most of what was on her place. Even still, the waitress returned with a reduced bill and a gift certificate. Over and above great service.

So long Grapevine. You will live long in our stories and our taste buds.


  1. I was hoping you’d do a piece about this 😉 We kept trying to get in for one last dinner… but with no luck. A sad day, indeed.

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