Theft from a Road-Side Stall

The other morning, I returned from a weekend away to find all but two leaves on tomato plant eaten, stalks still in tact. Rookie mistake. Should have put my upside-down tomato planter in a place those selfish indiscriminate deers couldn’t reach. I was gutted; it was my first growing project (though my husband assures me that, in the 10 years we’ve been sleeping next to each other, many-a-growing project has suffered under my lack of guidance). I was looking forward to tasting a tomato grown by my own hand.

BIrd's Eye Cove Eggs

Which one of these is not like the other?

So I can only imagine how the owners of Bird’s Eye Cove farm felt when my husband informed them that their gorgeous little farm stall had been broken into. Ignorant thieves smashed a window of the locked stall and raided the freezer of farm-reared meats. The only thing they left behind were two dozen eggs, which is coincidentally what my husband stopped in to buy. Lucky for him; unlucky for the farmers, who put more time and energy into preparing their meat than I did on my little tomato plant.

The Cowichan Green Community just published a map listing all the farms in the Valley whose produce is available for sale onsite. For shy, big-city folk like me, this map is like a free pass that gives me permission to enter a farmer’s property without feeling like I’m invading their personal space. The farmer trusts that I am respectful of her property, and I trust that she is honest about what she sells. Idiots, like those who stole Bird’s Eye Cove’s meat, violate this mutual trust.

I’m thinking tar and feathers. Any other suggestions?


  1. Hi Maeve,
    Just found your blog; so happy to find someone else blogging about food and life in this amazing community! What a terrible story about such a wonderful farm. We drove by Bird’s Eye Cove farm a couple of weeks ago and agreed it was the most idyllic farming spot we’d ever seen. I hope they can recover and that the thieves are tracked down…

    Look forward to more posts, Toni @

    1. Hi Toni!

      Thanks for your comment. Your blog looks great! I look forward to reading more of your posts. I’m surprised there aren’t more of us writing about the Valley. It’s an amazing place to live and eat. We are so lucky.


      1. Thanks Maeve; I’ve added you to my blogroll :).
        I’m in Cow Bay; are you in Maple Bay if you’re lucky enough to be close to Bird’s Eye? So much fun to visit all of these hidden neighbourhood gems!

        1. You’re kind to add me to your blogroll! I do live in Maple Bay, though not that close to Bird’s Eye. I was surprised that my husband went all that way just for eggs, but then remembered how much he loved the look of their stall. And how much he loves farm-fresh eggs. And you’re right – so much to discover!

  2. your blog is so valuable to us folks who live right here but havent and or dont look around us it’s all here!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Ruth; I’m glad you’re getting value from it. Every time I drive down a new road, there is something delightful waiting for me to write about. The topics are never-ending!

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