Noodles of the World

I’ve been wanting to try Noodles of the World on Station Street since it opened last month, and last Friday I had just the excuse: I was two days overdue delivering this baby so needed some spicy food to get things moving.

As we approached the restaurant I asked the Mister, “Do you think we’ll be the only ones here?” I’m not out enough in Duncan to know what the nightlife is like. We weren’t alone; in fact, Sarah, the gorgeous owner, had to ask a couple to come back in half an hour in hopes a table would become vacant. A good sign.

I ordered a Thai curry (shied away from the super-spicy Jamaican Jerk Pork on special) and the Mister had a peanut chicken bowl thing — the chef’s specialty. The first bite of my curry explained why the place was full on Friday night: a perfect combination of fresh cilantro, noodles, veggies, lemongrass, creamy curry sauce, and — my absolute favourite thing about this menu — Cowichan Bay Farm chicken. My stomach is squished up to my ribs but I still managed to nearly finish the entire bowl. And the Mister, well, his peanut chicken bowl thing didn’t have a chance.

I declined dessert but the Mister can’t resist anything chocolatey. Melissa, Sarah’s engaging sidekick, served up heaven in a cup: it was like chocolate mousse but made with coconut milk; whipped cream and raspberries as a garnish. Full as I was, I kindly helped out the Mister by eating my share of it.

When I got home, I immediately called my friend in Victoria to tell her about our delicious meal. Partly because I know how much she loves food, especially anything Asian, but mostly because I wanted to brag about our new, fabulous restaurant in — of all places — Duncan.

As for getting the baby moving, I should have had the Jamaican Jerk Pork. The wait continues…


  1. I’m excited about not having to head to Victoria to get my Thai food fix! Looking forward to trying this place 🙂


    1. Hi Aislin,

      Thanks for the comment. Rumour has it there’s another place opening up downtown that is similar to Salt in Vancouver. It’s just keeps getting better…


  2. Hi Maeve,
    So this is what you do in your spare time! Love your story, it was sent to me by my hiking partner. Missing you at Strong Start. See you soon and good luck!

    1. Hi Barb,

      Thanks for reading the post. It’s really hard work visiting all these wonderful places in the Valley, but someone has to do it for the good of the rest. 😉

      I’ll see you at SS soon!


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