The Fairest (Santa) of Them All

With a Santa poised in every mall corridor, school gym, community parade, and craft fair, it’s no wonder my kids are scared of the Big Man In Red. Every time they see him, he looks different. Sometimes he knows their names; sometimes he doesn’t. Sometimes he gives them a present; sometimes he doesn’t. This passive-aggressive behaviour makes him very unpredictable.

But there is one Santa who I am convinced is the real deal. We met him in 2008 at the Providence Farm Craft Fair. There is nothing phony about this Mr. Claus. It’s not just his real beard, real belly, and real jolly ol’ chuckle. It’s the way, when he looks at you, he’s looking deep into your soul. And that, my fellow believers, is how you can tell the difference between the real dude and the rest: it’s the twinkle in his eye.

Do you have a favourite Cowichan Valley Santa?

Santa Claus

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