Thank You

Two friends, Marni and Ruth, left comments congratulating me on my last post, the one that summarizes Cowichandale’s year of blogging. It lists wonderful stats of how many views each post had, how many comments, most popular posts, etc. Feels pretty good to see it summed up like that. Especially as Cowichandale’s score on the Wow-o-meter was closer to the Wow end of things.

It was only when Marni and Ruth congratulated me that I realized it has less to do with my effort than theirs, and — as you are reading this — yours. I can babble about the Cowichan Valley all I want but if no one reads it, the blog would have fizzled months ago. Recently I found out there are readers in Kelowna, Calgary, Ottawa, and across the pond; I was blown away.

I’m tickled by the comments people leave, either at the bottom of the post or on Facebook, where I post a link. The discussion after the poll about favourite Cowichan bakeries was entertaining. If you have something to say, don’t be shy. Your comments inspire me to write more and better.

Thank you for making this blog a success and a joy to write. Please pass it along to friends and family who might be interested. And if there is anything you want me to write about, send me a note and I will make every effort to oblige (within reason!).

Here’s to another year of Cowichan Valley babble!

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