Cowichan Contest: Guess & Win!

This Christmas, I created a Cowichan Christmas Pot for my family. In a cooking pot bought from a local thrift store (inspired by the mister) I assembled seven items from local businesses in the Valley.


The first person to guess the most items first wins a tin of tea from teafarm. Enter your answer in the comment box below.

(Note to my family: You are not eligible to participate! That includes you Ruthie & Jon.)

Here’s a picture of the Cowichan Christmas Pot. Good luck!

Cowichan Christmas Pot

And the winner is…


  1. Here’s a stab…

    1) Damasco Wine from Zanatta
    2) Merrymint Organic Dark Chocolate Bar from Organic Fair
    3) Maple Smoked Rock Salt from Vancouver Island Salt Co.
    4) Sweet Morocco Tea from Tea Farm
    5) Stone Ground Grain (I’m guessing Cream of Spelt) from True Grain Bread.
    6) Sophie’s Soap — no idea of the type
    7) Jam — I’m guessing from Lisa Kitchen


  2. so lucky were we to get the Christmas ‘pot’….as I write I have the most delicious soup on the stove with a secret ingredient in it that came in the ‘pot’…..and it’s something everyone or almost everyone adds to their soup but this ‘take’ or form of this everyday ingredient is totally, incredibly unique with lots of ‘wow’! Bet you cant guess it!

    1. Just about anything in that pot would taste great in soup — yes, even the merrymint chocolate (which, by the way, is currently on sale at Organic Fair…I am seriously contemplating a case). I do suspect, Ruth, that you are referring to the maple smoked salt.

      So what did Aaron get wrong? I second everything he has guessed but suggest that the mysterious lidded jar is honey from Adelaide Apiary.

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