And the winner is…

…Aaron from Cowichan Recyclists!

Aaron was the first with the most correct answers to the Cowichan Christmas Pot Contest.

Next time I’m going to have to make it more difficult! Aaron missed only one item in his first entry, then — with a lifeline — guessed honey instead of jam Had he teamed up with Heather they’d have identified the lot. (Aaron, Heather might deserve a cup of your new tea).

Here is the breakdown of the Cowichan Christmas Pot:

Cowichan Christmas Pot

So Aaron, let me know which teafarm tea is your favourite. Congratulations!


  1. Exciting! Will have to confer with the tea drinker of the house.

    & I’m guessing Heather takes honey in her tea?

    (How amazing is it that all that good stuff in the pot comes from ’round here? Great place to be!)

    1. Aason,

      I can’t speak for Heather liking honey in her tea, but I do!

      (The most amazing thing is all that good stuff counts for a fraction of what I could have put in.)

      Thanks for playing!


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