Diddle-ee-dee with Quinn & Qristina

Easter weekend I had the great privilege of tapping my heel to diddle-ee-dee Irish music played by brother-and-sister duo Quinn & Qristina Bachand. It was my dad’s [insert flattering age here] birthday party, and my sister’s partner and talented musician Tim Readman asked the pair to entertain our small party. What a gift!

Qristina plays the violin with such ease I’m sure my mother questioned her 8-year investment in my excruciating yet (thankfully) short-lived violin career. It’s like Qristina was born with a bow in her hand. But it was her feet I couldn’t take my eyes off. She sat while playing, but her feet danced an Irish jig to the rhythm of the music.

Then there’s Quinn, three years Qristina’s junior, who is shy in his adolescence, but talented beyond his 15 years. He could win any Guitar Off (if there was such a thing), which is probably why Ashley McIsaac asked him to play sideman at CelticFest in Vancouver.

Together they play Irish jigs and airs that moved us to clap along and take our tapping feet to the dance floor. Some were even inspired to stand and sing, with musicians in (gracious and patient) accompaniment.

The reason for sharing this with you isn’t just to brag about the amazing music I got to experience (okay maybe a little). I noticed in our exceptional local magazine, the Valley Voice, that Quinn & Qristina are celebrating the release of their CD “Family” at Shady Grove House Concerts in Mill Bay on May 20th.

Go, so you can say you knew them when.

UPDATE (May 12, 2011): You can get a taster of their music from this VI News clip:

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