Don’t Be Chicken!

I once told a Saanich cow farmer that I was too chicken to drive up a farm’s lane to buy their produce or meat, even if there were big signs urging me to stop and shop. What if I don’t like what they have to sell? Bit awkward to leave empty-handed after you see their blistered hands and dirty work jeans.

The Saanich cow farmer tore a strip up one side of me and down the other; she was not pleased. She said, “Don’t be chicken! We need people to buy our products; otherwise, we won’t survive.”

Which is why the Cowichan Green Community’s (CGC) Buy Fresh! Buy Local! Food Map is genius; it takes away some of the mystery of what you’ll find at the end of 72 (who knew?) Cowichan Valley farm lanes. You can learn where a farm is, what they sell, when they sell it, and who the owners are before driving up the lane. The map is to a farm what a window is to a department store.

Heather Kaye, my Renaissance sidekick, led the charge on the food-map project. She and her CGC colleagues designed and filled the map with a ridiculous amount of superb information about participating Cowichan Valley farms. It’s the most comprehensive guide to local farms and food available in the valley. I challenge you to find another community in British Columbia with anything even half as useful as this.

Like the public library, the map is priceless and therefore free. You can pick up a copy at the Cowichan Green Community store. Or check it out online.

Buy local! Buy Fresh! With all those exclamation marks, how could you not?

Watch Heather’s interview on Shaw. I am now one degree away from someone famous.

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