Thanks to You, I’m Famous (ish)!

I was encouraged by some of my most loyal readers (all two of you) to submit an article to the Cowichan Newsleader about my thoughts on the election. On Monday, I called John, the editor at the Newsleader, and asked if I could send him an article. The conversation took 30 seconds; the guts to call him took 30 days.

I sent him an article but hadn’t heard from him, so this morning I called to ask if it would be published. He said, “I’m laying it out as we speak.”

Read my first ever published opinion piece on the Newsleader website.

Thank you loyal readers for lighting a fire under my a$$. Once again, wouldn’t have done it without you.

Now, pay attention and vote!


    1. Thanks Ruthie!! One of my loyal readers! I’m not sure they should listen to everything I say…especially when sleep deprived!


    1. Thank you Heather. Job done! I think most of us (our peers) feel the same lack of confidence when voting. Not everyone will be convinced to pay attention, but I’m glad to hear you will.

      Hug your babies for me!


    1. Thanks Dad! And thanks for your input on the weekend. Was v helpful in getting to the point. I’ll remember you in my Pulitzer speech.


  1. Great job Maeve! Forgot to tell you that I did use your blog about voting in my grade 10 class! We had a great trustee all candidates meeting and then did a mock vote after with interesting results!! 😉

  2. A well written and very engaging article, Maeve, with very valid points about the need and the means to reach out to the younger voters and engage them in the process.
    Those that don’t vote, can’t complain. And those who vote without taking the time to learn about the candidates have only themselves to blame if their randomly chosen candidates turn out to be the wrong choices.

  3. Congrats, Maeve!
    A much-needed “push” to get folks out to the polls.
    You’re absolutely right; to increase the legitimacy of local gov’t, we need to increase voter turnout!!!!

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