Canada Day in Maple Bay

July 1, 2014

I’m not a photographer. I know this for certain because today I brought my camera to capture our community Canada Day celebration, the one event our friends and neighbours make an effort to attend every year, and I forgot to take pictures.

Our favourite part, as Eilish put it, is the parade. A parade where there are more participants walking, biking, or driving along the parade route than there are spectators watching it. The parade where all you need to enter is dress in something vaguely Canadian (red and white anything will do). The parade where the prize categories are invented based on who shows up to muster at the dog park.

I had every intention of photographing the parade, the dignitaries and creatives who participated in it, the cheerful spectators, the post-parade festivities at the rowing club afterwards—a huge undertaking run entirely by volunteers.

I must have been soaking up the fun and the rays because I’ve got little in variety of photos and more than a little sunburn on my décolletage.

I’ll try better next year, but will likely fail then too because I’ll be too busy eating ice cream and watching the kids run the egg-and-spoon race.

Happy Canada Day!

P1050491Battle stations under the flags.


Canadian friends


A toque? Easy now, hoser.


Caoimhe very serious about waving at Mayor Jon.


Eilish was so proud of her maple leaf bike….


…which is why it probably stung a little when Richard won the Best Decorated Bike award. (Check out the feather boa!)


Bryn leading the way.


Our favourite beachcomber Betty & Jim (photobomb dogs Kew and Emma)


Caoimhe motoring along the parade route.


Ian taking a fly-by. #vcool


Richard receives his award from a real live RCMP woman. These prizes aren’t to be scoffed at.


Skipper Maguire multi-tasking (with Tom holding on for his life). This little jaunt across the bay made my (Canada) day.

P1050552Eilish cuddling prickly sea creatures.

P1050556Richard touring the bay.

P1050558Maple Bay with a sprinkling of die hards soaking up the sunshine.


  1. I’m sorry Team Jolin missed the action. Great story, and the pics made me feel like I was almost there!!

  2. Your pics captured the day perfectly! So much fun in the sun. Thank you to all the volunteers, especially the folks who helped direct me to the hotdogs.

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