Maguire for Council: The Decision (Revisited)

October 9, 2014

Remember way back when I wrote about not running for a seat on North Cowichan council?

Ignore that.

Picked up the nomination papers last week.


Signed them with Mary Beth (Chief Election Officer) this morning.


Game on!

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This page has been authorized by financial agent, Patrick Maguire, 250-760-0640 (home).


  1. Good move! So, Maeve… am I correct in believing that there is no procedure to allow for absentee voting in North Cowichan? If you’re not around during the first half of November, no possibility to vote?

    1. Here’s the official response from Mary Beth MacKenzie at North Cowichan:

      The only opportunities to vote before November 15th are the two advance voting opportunities – one on November 5th and the other on November 12th.

      Encourage your neighbours to vote! 🙂

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