Tonight’s the big one!

Tonight is the all-candidates’ meeting at Chemainus Secondary School. It’s the main event in our run up to election day on November 15th because this is where the mayors will go head-to-head.

In this last all-candidates’ forum before the election, the 20 candidates for council will say their two-minute speeches, similar to the format at Maple Bay’s ACM.

But that’s where it all changes.

This time the mayors will debate each other, twice. With three mayoral candidates, each offering different views on how to manage North Cowichan’s operations, it will reveal more about their character, leadership and communication styles, and reaction under pressure than any two-minute speech.

It’s not to be missed.

After the debate, councillors will be designated areas around the gym with flipcharts upon which are written answers to yet-to-be-revealed questions.

Come find my stand and we can talk about everything we’ve learned.




  1. It would be nice if this was televised.. What is your stand on the blasting permit for Richards trail?? Also is the municipality ever going to finish the mess they made at the end of Joan st. going into the parking lot.?

    1. Hi Marie,

      From what I understand, the residents of Richard’s Trail and North Cowichan council have written to the provincial government in opposition of the owners’ application for permission for a gravel pit and rock quarry. In my opinion, there is no case for this type of operation on agricultural land. I will be surprised if the application is approved, but I will watch with interest.

      As for Joan Street, I’m going there this afternoon so I will check it out. Email me at to continue this conversation.

      Thank you!


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