The mister’s first Canadian vote

In January, the mister became a Canadian citizen. Today, at the municipal hall’s advance-voting station, he voted for the first time—for his wife!

How romantic is that?

I asked him if he felt proud. These pictures say it all.




Look who else showed up to vote early…


In matching green coats: Honourable MP for Nanaimo-Cowichan, Jean Crowder (r) and potential future councillor for North Cowichan, Maeve Maguire. (l)


If this is your first time voting, or if you’re not sure about where or went to vote, visit this link.

Today (November 12th) @ North Cowichan Municipal Hall until 8 p.m.

November 15th at these locations from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.


One comment

  1. This would have been my first chance to vote, too (finally a Canadian after living in this wonderful country for 40 years)… but, alas, I am travelling and cannot go to the polls 😦

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