Acceptance speech

I’m still riding high from the big news on Saturday that I was elected to council. There were strong candidates in this race. When I look at all the names of candidates who didn’t make the top six, I am humbled.

It takes help to be elected councillor for the Municipality of North Cowichan. Not just any help, but constant, committed, determined help that lasts five long weeks. It’s time to identify and thank a handful of those devotees.

The mister

With three kids under 8 years old to feed, clothe, and ferry, and a busy wife heading out the door almost every night at exactly the time when the kids were hungriest, tiredest, and whiniest, it takes a dedicated man and a solid relationship to withstand that kind of chaos. He did it beautifully.

He was my constant cheerleader. Every time I left the house for an all-candidates’ meeting or mixer, he would ignore the madness around him long enough to let me know how well I was doing and how nice I looked. He designed the tall signs that were unlike the rest (you can hire his amazing design skills here). He put them up and took them down, and moved and fixed the small yellow signs too many times.

With our kids in tow, he asked so many people to support me that my youngest’s new game is My Wife Is Running For Council (she stands on the furniture and gives speeches).

He believed in me the whole time. Lucky me. Thank you, Richard.

My financial agent

I asked my dad to be my financial agent because there was no one else better for the job. I was right. And because he’s my dad I had the added bonus of being on the receiving end of timely advice. Thanks, Dad.

My mom

Dinner every Sunday, sleep overs and shopping trips for each of the girls, hugs and general emotional support, door knocking in Chemainus, and prayers. My mom’s prayers work. Thanks, Mom.

The donors

High fives, fist bumps, and bear hugs to everyone who contributed money to this campaign. This is an expensive endeavour—who knew newspaper ads cost so much?!—and there’s no way I could have played in the game as it is today without your donations. Thank you, donors!

The sign team

My neighbours helped that first day of putting up signs. The dinner afterwards is one of my favourite moments in this campaign. They joined us Saturday for the results, which is my favourite moment of the campaign. Thank you, neighbours.

The supporters

One look at my Facebook page gives you a sense of how much support I’ve received from the community. I am so grateful for the conversations I had with current councillors, municipal and regional employees, friends, and neighbours leading up to this run. Notes of encouragement during the campaign were like little puffs of helium keeping me afloat even in the moments of crippling self-doubt and fatigue. Thank you, supporters.

The businesses

Apple Press, Mark’s Instant Sign Shop, Print Craft, Lisa Reda of Urban Valley Tees who created those brilliant t-shirts, and Thread Setter in Chemainus for buttons are all local businesses who provided exceptional services during this campaign. Thank you, local business owners and operators.

The Dream Team

There is no question my team rocked: two current councillors, one famous community volunteer, and a communications professional. We talked almost every day. I have a suspicion this team will do more together—big things—for this community.


Mona Kaiser is just finishing the playground project she spearheaded at Mount Prevost school. Mona is one of our community’s most amazing assets—and she was on my team! She brought dinners, washed my dishes, door knocked with me (with a sore back!), handed out brochures at the all-candidates’ meetings, joined the mini flash mob, and so much more. Thank you, Mona.

Councillor Jen Woike

Jen was generous, helped strategize, and offered the best ideas for making an impact—the t-shirts were her idea! Mostly, she brought the fun. We laughed so much on this campaign, most of which was down to Jen. Thank you, Jen.

Councillor Barb Lines

(She’s so important she gets her own heading)

In January, Barb Lines asked me to run for council. On Saturday, she was celebrating with me in the pub wearing the yellow VOTE MAGUIRE t-shirt. I think she wore that t-shirt in public almost every day of this campaign.

Councillor Lines inspired me from the moment I met her at Strong Start when my eldest was 3 years old. She is the kind of leader I hope to be one day: she listens, she knows how to tackle a problem, she’s smart, she’s an excellent communicator, and she is calm under pressure. She’s a teacher and she’s passing on to me what she learned about public engagement and decision making. It’s a privilege.

Thank you, Barb.

Let’s do this!

I am so ready to start this job.

On December 3rd, come to the Municipality of North Cowichan council chambers to see the swearing in of our new council.

THIS JUST IN: Don’t come! Council chambers is too big to accommodate all of us (shows how engaged the public usually is!). But you can watch it online, and I’ll probably blog about it.

Stay tuned to this blog if you want to follow my council journey.


  1. Congrats Maeve, remember where Hilary Clinton started and she did not even have your dream team. So onwards and upwards and the very best of luck in new appointment. A big well done to Richard also. Cant wait until you get into White House!!!!!

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