Council Day 1: Childbirth

I’ve likened the campaign process to childbirth a few times.

There’s a moment in childbirth called the transition when the pain can become so intense the mother decides then and there she has changed her mind and doesn’t want to have the baby. That’s not far from how I felt after the polls closed on election day as we waited for the results.

Today another parallel between these two events revealed itself. The night after my first child was born, as I lay in a deep sleep, dreaming of sugar plums, the nurse woke me to tell me I needed to feed the baby. It was in that moment I realized this baby depended on me to keep it alive. It was the first time I’d been given that level of responsibility and it was overwhelming and scary. I couldn’t grow a plant!

Today, as I sat in council chambers, awaiting my name to be called so I could take my oath of office and take my seat at the council table, the huge responsibility of this role hit like a tidal wave. Before today, it was all theory. Today, it was real.

After that overwhelming night in the hospital with my first born, I put my head down and raised a beautiful, smart, engaged baby girl (then another, and another). Same goes for council: time to put my head down and build a beautiful, smart, engaged community.

image image

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  1. Reading your blog from New Westminster. Just wanted to say I am loving your posts! You paint a vivid picture of life in the region and as a new councillor. As a mother of three who has also considered entering politics, your example is inspiring. Also, just look at that look of pride on your daughter’s face! We love New West but are considering a future move to the Cowichan Valley. It seems like a lovely place to live!

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