Council Day 323: Where’s Maeve?

Anyone tuning into today’s council meeting may notice my empty seat. In case anyone puts a teddy bear in my place, I thought I should explain why I’m not there.  

I am missing today’s meeting because my work has scheduled an immovable training session at the same time as the council meeting. Missing today’s meeting isn’t a decision I took lightly.

For one, I suffer from FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out. I love council meetings. The questions were are asked to answer—that we must vote upon (no abstaining allowed)—have challenged my views, values, and goals. At each meeting, I learn about our community, government, process, relationships, dispute resolution, negotiation, and how to make a convincing argument. Today’s agenda, albeit the shortest we’ve ever had, will provide all of that, and I don’t like to miss out.

For two, I think—I hope—I’m a contributing member of this council and the items on today’s agenda, and the people these items affect, may benefit from my point of view.

For three, I am deeply aware of my obligation to the public and our staff. I don’t want to disappoint the public by not participating in the job they hired me to do. Jean Crowder once said that the public has high expectations for attendance, always. If she didn’t attend an event to which she was invited, it came across as though she didn’t care, even though she did, as do I.

I will watch the meeting with interest tomorrow on Council Live archives (feeding my FOMO). For those who can Tune in at 1:30 today, here’s the link:


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