Council Day 408: Budget Town Hall Meetings

Budget 2016: Coming soon to a neighbourhood near you!

The Municipality of North Cowichan is holding a series of town hall meetings about the 2016 budget. 

Each year, council approves a budget that allocates your tax dollars to services and projects in our community. Council shares the nearly final budget to the public at an open house in council chambers where a few people attend and provide feedback.

This year, we are taking the budget out of our windowless council chambers and opening it up to the four corners (ish) of this municipality. Four town hall meetings and an online survey give you an opportunity to learn and provide feedback to council about how to prioritize our spending before the budget is approved.

The dates and locations are:

Grab a friend or neighbour and join us at any of these locations—even if it isn’t in your own neighbourhood.

First-timers welcome!

You don’t need to be an expert in accounting to participate in this process. Budget information will be presented by Mayor Jon Lefebure and CAO Dave Devana, with other staff on hand to answer any questions you may have.

If you want to study up on the budget before the meeting, click here for all the 2016 budget documents.

I hope to see you there!

One comment

  1. Hi Maeve, thanks for the heads up on this (now that I’m a North Cowichan resident!). That’s great that council is reaching out to the people for feedback and taking it out to the communities this year. And thanks for making it easy to get to the documents. To ensure no good deed goes unpunished, I have a suggestion for future input sessions. Forgive me if you already do this.

    My experience has been that many of the people who come out to input sessions are not representative of the citizenry. Many, though not all, represent a special interest or have a political axe to grind. In order to help broaden the input, then, I wonder if council could randomly select a certain percentage of the electorate, somewhere between 1% to 10% perhaps, and mail them out or drop off an invitation to them.

    The invitation would mention that they have been specifically chosen to provide input to help get a more representative sampling of feedback. Perhaps there would be some little perk to encourage their participation, such as the choice of a free pass to a class at the pool or skating or something like that. If people know they have been specifically chosen, it might make them more likely to contribute, especially if there was a session specifically for these people, separate from the broader community ones.

    There are other things to try to increase representative feedback if this is not enough, but I’ll leave it at that for the time being. Hope to see you at Prevost!

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