Thanks to You, I’m Famous (ish)!

I was encouraged by some of my most loyal readers (all two of you) to submit an article to the Cowichan Newsleader about my thoughts on the election. On Monday, I called John, the editor at the Newsleader, and asked if I could send him an article. The conversation took 30 seconds; the guts to call him took 30 days. (more…)

Thank You

Two friends, Marni and Ruth, left comments congratulating me on my last post, the one that summarizes Cowichandale’s year of blogging. It lists wonderful stats of how many views each post had, how many comments, most popular posts, etc. Feels pretty good to see it summed up like that. Especially as Cowichandale’s score on the Wow-o-meter was closer to the Wow end of things. (more…)