Council Day 305: Cowichan Agriculture #FTW

I had the pleasure of joining the Cowichan Agricultural Society’s (CAS) farm tour on Friday. A bus full of farmers, Farm Industry Review Board members, municipal and CVRD staff members, Ministry of Agriculture employees, and politicians visited 5 agricultural operations around the Cowichan Valley.  (more…)

Nigh-night: Sleeping with a zipper

August 15, 2012

When buying a new tent, you look at the capacity, seam quality, waterproofness. After a two-night camping trip this summer, I suggest a new specification for determining what makes a tent worth buying: how loud the zipper sounds at 4 a.m. in a full and quiet public campground.


Sustainable Valley, BC?

In December I had a job interview with Nokia. They were looking for a technical writer for the Nokia App Store, located in their Burnaby office. The office is gorgeous: The atmosphere is a mix of après-ski and Finnish minimalism. (Just to give you an idea, a fireplace sits in the center of a circle of six huge floor-to-ceiling tree trunks (possibly fake) and three sofas in the common area.) (more…)

And They’re Off…With A Whistle

There was no confetti falling on a convertible car with our newly elected mayor sitting in the back, waving at the cheering crowds, along North Cowichan’s main drag. But today’s eagerly anticipated (at least by me) municipal council swearing-in ceremony did start with a parade, if only a small one. (more…)

An Education from a Stranger on How to Vote

An hour into last night’s All Candidates meeting in Crofton, I was yawning. Same old question-answer format; with 22 candidates the answers take forever. But I stayed for the duration because I received an unforgettable education from a stranger on how to vote. (more…)