A guide to our new electronic voting system

This is the first time North Cowichan will be using an electronic voting system. It is really simple to use, but in case you like to know what to expect in the voting booth, I’ve attached a mockup of the ballot here.



Who do you vote for?

During the 2011 municipal election campaign, I attended the Crofton all-candidates’ meeting. I sat next to a man named Jim who was keeping score about what each candidate said. He explained his system to me, which turned into an education on how to vote.


RAD: Random Acts of Door-knocking

I had the great pleasure of speaking with MP Jean Crowder a few months ago for an upcoming Station Magazine interview. At the end of our interview, she asked me if I was going to run for council. I said I hadn’t yet decided, at which point she gave me advice about gathering a strong team (check!), being myself (check!), and tips for getting my name out into the community (working on it!).

When she brought up door-knocking, I cringed. In that moment, I wouldn’t have believed, months later, I would be walking up someone’s driveway to interrupt their peaceful day to encourage them to vote for me. I would have believed even less that I would enjoy it.