Council Day 305: Cowichan Agriculture #FTW

I had the pleasure of joining the Cowichan Agricultural Society’s (CAS) farm tour on Friday. A bus full of farmers, Farm Industry Review Board members, municipal and CVRD staff members, Ministry of Agriculture employees, and politicians visited 5 agricultural operations around the Cowichan Valley.  (more…)

A ride on Josh Mellor’s honeywagon

Saturday, after handing out my campaign brochures at the farmers’ market, Walmart, and showing off my MAGUIRE for COUNCILLOR t-shirt at a friend’s party, I stopped into the Woike farm for a debrief on the day. While I was there, Josh Mellor showed up for a chat. (more…)

Don’t Be Chicken!

I once told a Saanich cow farmer that I was too chicken to drive up a farm’s lane to buy their produce or meat, even if there were big signs urging me to stop and shop. What if I don’t like what they have to sell? Bit awkward to leave empty-handed after you see their blistered hands and dirty work jeans. (more…)