A Pumpkin Pickin’ We Will Go

I’m trying to decide if Fall is the Cowichan Valley’s best season. Spring has its merits (especially when crocuses pop up at the end of January — gives one hope that the end of Winter is near). Summer too, thanks to many nearby swimming holes. But with Fall’s harvest, and the orange leaves littering the lanes, lit by sun streaming through the morning mist: it’s picture perfect.

Speaking of perfect pictures…. (more…)


Cowichan Vista at the Exhibition

I stopped in at the Cowichan Exhibition grounds yesterday. Mostly just to snoop, and to let my kids get a feel for the place before the crowds roll in tomorrow. We passed the amusement rides on the way in. “Look Mom! A merri-go-round!” says a kid from the back of the van. I think she was referring to the Ferris wheel. I hope she wasn’t referring to the Zipper. Needless to say, the whole family is looking forward to this weekend. (more…)

Newborn Calf on Mays Road

On our way to Saison Market for sticky cinnamon buns and brie and pear focaccia, we passed the Mays Road farm where the cows sit right next to the road. They’re always there: big, brown, lazy beasts that inspire gleeful shouts from the inhabitants of two car seats in the back of our van, “Cows!”.  The old farmer, dressed in grungy jeans and plaid shirt, is often seen driving his old tractor around his fields. It’s just like a scene from a movie. (more…)