And A Side Of Hairy Cat’s Ear Fries

We have a good-sized yard. Much of it is septic field, but there are pockets where this house’s previous owner planted the most beautiful irises, daisies, lilies,┬ácamellia, hydrangea, and poppies. Since we bought the house, the garden has become progressively more wild. Noticing all the dandelions and tall grasses, my friend Heather said, with the same awkward kindness upon greeting an ugly baby, “This garden has…potential.” (more…)

Cowichan Vista at the Exhibition

I stopped in at the Cowichan Exhibition grounds yesterday. Mostly just to snoop, and to let my kids get a feel for the place before the crowds roll in tomorrow. We passed the amusement rides on the way in. “Look Mom! A merri-go-round!” says a kid from the back of the van. I think she was referring to the Ferris wheel. I hope she wasn’t referring to the Zipper. Needless to say, the whole family is looking forward to this weekend. (more…)

Theft from a Road-Side Stall

The other morning, I returned from a weekend away to find all but two leaves on tomato plant eaten, stalks still in tact. Rookie mistake. Should have put my upside-down tomato planter in a place those selfish indiscriminate deers couldn’t reach. I was gutted; it was my first growing project (though my husband assures me that, in the 10 years we’ve been sleeping next to each other, many-a-growing project has suffered under my lack of guidance). I was looking forward to tasting a tomato grown by my own hand. (more…)