The Queen Bee’s Broken Appendage

I’ve wanted to learn about beekeeping since I was a kid watching Harriet’s Magic Hats. I envy Winnie the Pooh’s endless supply of the golden goo. Even this blog’s first post was about Adelaide Apiary on Mays Road. (more…)

Honey at Adelaide Apiary

I hopped out of the van at Adelaide Apiary, Mike and Laurie Pauls’s Mays Road farm.

Yummy honey in my tummy

Wildflower Honey from the Pauls's Adelaide Apiary

We were there for a refill on the honey jar we’d bought a month ago. Laurie greeted me and motioned for us to walk to her shop. “This is the best honey I’ve ever tasted,” I told her. Sounds smarmy but I was being honest. I’m an eat-it-straight-from-the-jar honey lover. This is good stuff. (more…)