Council Day 57: The Case of the Mysterious Stench in Chemainus

What’s up with the perversity in agreeing to smell the overripe cheese or sweaty shoe when someone offers it? You know it’s going to smell bad—you may witness others suffering from the experience—but you can’t help yourself but lean in and take a whiff. The stink in Chemainus was that for me.


Chemainus All-Candidates’ Meeting: Debrief

At the Chemainus all-candidates’ meeting last night, North Cowichan’s three mayoral candidates—Damir Wallener, Jon Lefebure, and John Koury—debated topics of water, the climate action energy plan, amalgamation, and increasing tax revenue.

It was a refreshing change in format from the three-minute speech they gave at Maple Bay. None of the three presented their best selves at that event.


A Chemainus Treasure Hunt

Last Sunday the kids and I met Nanna and Grandad in Chemainus for brunch at Bonnie Martin’s. We arrived early so had some time to follow the big yellow footprints on the sidewalks around town. It wasn’t 11 a.m. and Chemainus was hopping busy. A tour bus full of Nanna and Grandads from Australia had stopped in for the morning and any store that was open early that morning was full of ready customers. (Can someone please explain to me what the attraction is to a Christmas store in May?). (more…)