It takes a village

Yesterday was such a positive day.

I asked my parents and a few friends to help put up signs around North Cowichan. Because my friends are young moms with lots of kids, it turned into a huge community gathering at our house that lasted late into the night.

We were just finishing our delicious meal when people started asking questions about where I stood on civic issues. Everyone contributed their point of view. The conversation around our dinner table has never been so rich.

It takes a village to raise a good politician.


Lost and Found in Maple Bay

May 21. 2013

It was warm Thursday evening and the May long weekend was ahead of us. My friend Lisa and I were enjoying a glass of wine while sitting on the deck looking out at Maple Bay and watching our girls playing together in the yard down below. That serenity changed the instant I noticed my four-year-old middle child, Clodagh, was missing.


Renaissance Women: Ready for The Big One

Trust Heather Walker of Makaria Farm to come up with an idea like this. I can just see her sitting in her farmhouse kitchen, vibrating with creative energy and no agricultural project to absorb it — it’s winter after all. She’s like a professional athlete in the off-season, twitching from adrenaline overload. (more…)