The pageantry of perfection in politics

Tomorrow’s the big day. The new council will take the oath of office in North Cowichan council chambers and the new term will begin. When I take my seat at the council table, microphone in face, only then will it fully sink in that I’m a councillor.



Acceptance speech

I’m still riding high from the big news on Saturday that I was elected to council. There were strong candidates in this race. When I look at all the names of candidates who didn’t make the top six, I am humbled.

It takes help to be elected councillor for the Municipality of North Cowichan. Not just any help, but constant, committed, determined help that lasts five long weeks. It’s time to identify and thank a handful of those devotees.


Chemainus All-Candidates’ Meeting: Debrief

At the Chemainus all-candidates’ meeting last night, North Cowichan’s three mayoral candidates—Damir Wallener, Jon Lefebure, and John Koury—debated topics of water, the climate action energy plan, amalgamation, and increasing tax revenue.

It was a refreshing change in format from the three-minute speech they gave at Maple Bay. None of the three presented their best selves at that event.