cowichan valley

The Queen Bee’s Broken Appendage

I’ve wanted to learn about beekeeping since I was a kid watching Harriet’s Magic Hats. I envy Winnie the Pooh’s endless supply of the golden goo. Even this blog’s first post was about Adelaide Apiary on Mays Road. (more…)


Diddle-ee-dee with Quinn & Qristina

Easter weekend I had the great privilege of tapping my heel to diddle-ee-dee Irish music played by brother-and-sister duo Quinn & Qristina Bachand. It was my dad’s [insert flattering age here] birthday party, and my sister’s partner and talented musician Tim Readman asked the pair to entertain our small party. What a gift! (more…)

Two Hot Pockets and a Strap

While on the phone with one of my fellow Renaissance sisters, I mentioned that I had a sewing machine for this month’s meeting. The Mister looked at me. “You have a what?” he asked, smirking. His incredulity, though a little hurtful, is completely warranted. The only thing I’ve sewn in my life is an apron in Grade 8 Home Economics. The only thing I remember liking about it was embroidering ‘SK8’ on the pocket. (I was a pretend skate betty [a girl skateboarder]. I say pretend because I hung out with all the skater dudes but didn’t own a skateboard. Poser.) (more…)