Council Day 237: Water Restriction Questions

I had a call the other day from a resident who was concerned about access to drinking water. “Will we run out?” she asked.

It’s understandable people are anxious about North Cowichan’s residential water supply in the midst of a level 4 drought, local and provincial governments driving waters users to reduce water consumption by 20%, the Cowichan River supply critically low, and news of depleted aquifers south of us. Makes you wonder if that tall glass of water you just reached for will be your last. (more…)

RAD: Random Acts of Door-knocking

I had the great pleasure of speaking with MP Jean Crowder a few months ago for an upcoming Station Magazine interview. At the end of our interview, she asked me if I was going to run for council. I said I hadn’t yet decided, at which point she gave me advice about gathering a strong team (check!), being myself (check!), and tips for getting my name out into the community (working on it!).

When she brought up door-knocking, I cringed. In that moment, I wouldn’t have believed, months later, I would be walking up someone’s driveway to interrupt their peaceful day to encourage them to vote for me. I would have believed even less that I would enjoy it.


Thanks to You, I’m Famous (ish)!

I was encouraged by some of my most loyal readers (all two of you) to submit an article to the Cowichan Newsleader about my thoughts on the election. On Monday, I called John, the editor at the Newsleader, and asked if I could send him an article. The conversation took 30 seconds; the guts to call him took 30 days. (more…)

An Education from a Stranger on How to Vote

An hour into last night’s All Candidates meeting in Crofton, I was yawning. Same old question-answer format; with 22 candidates the answers take forever. But I stayed for the duration because I received an unforgettable education from a stranger on how to vote. (more…)

And A Side Of Hairy Cat’s Ear Fries

We have a good-sized yard. Much of it is septic field, but there are pockets where this house’s previous owner planted the most beautiful irises, daisies, lilies, camellia, hydrangea, and poppies. Since we bought the house, the garden has become progressively more wild. Noticing all the dandelions and tall grasses, my friend Heather said, with the same awkward kindness upon greeting an ugly baby, “This garden has…potential.” (more…)