Noodles of the World

I’ve been wanting to try Noodles of the World on Station Street since it opened last month, and last Friday I had just the excuse: I was two days overdue delivering this baby so needed some spicy food to get things moving. (more…)

Stuart MacLean in Duncan: What a show

If I had a bucket list, seeing Stuart MacLean live would be on it (right below sitting court-side at a Steve Nash basketball game). Last night, that dream not only came true but surpassed any expectations. (more…)

Growing Tomatoes Starts with Swallowing Pride

I’m surrounded by people who grow their own vegetables. While I’d rather my children didn’t think their vegetables grew in the grocery store, I can’t even grow a simple sunflower without it wilting a slow and sad death. I love the idea of growing my own food, just as I like the idea of writing a novel, both of which need to be a priority in a life which has other priorities. (more…)