The mister’s first Canadian vote

In January, the mister became a Canadian citizen. Today, at the municipal hall’s advance-voting station, he voted for the first time—for his wife!

How romantic is that?


RAD: Random Acts of Door-knocking

I had the great pleasure of speaking with MP Jean Crowder a few months ago for an upcoming Station Magazine interview. At the end of our interview, she asked me if I was going to run for council. I said I hadn’t yet decided, at which point she gave me advice about gathering a strong team (check!), being myself (check!), and tips for getting my name out into the community (working on it!).

When she brought up door-knocking, I cringed. In that moment, I wouldn’t have believed, months later, I would be walking up someone’s driveway to interrupt their peaceful day to encourage them to vote for me. I would have believed even less that I would enjoy it.


Chemainus All-Candidates’ Meeting: Debrief

At the Chemainus all-candidates’ meeting last night, North Cowichan’s three mayoral candidates—Damir Wallener, Jon Lefebure, and John Koury—debated topics of water, the climate action energy plan, amalgamation, and increasing tax revenue.

It was a refreshing change in format from the three-minute speech they gave at Maple Bay. None of the three presented their best selves at that event.