Alderlea Farm Veggie Share & Cookies

During last year’s Cowichan Valley Wine & Culinary Festival, I only made it out to one venue because I wasn’t aware how big/exciting/delightful the festival is. That won’t happen again. This year I’m doing a reconnaissance of a few participants to let you all know what there is to look forward to. (more…)

Newborn Calf on Mays Road

On our way to Saison Market for sticky cinnamon buns and brie and pear focaccia, we passed the Mays Road farm where the cows sit right next to the road. They’re always there: big, brown, lazy beasts that inspire gleeful shouts from the inhabitants of two car seats in the back of our van, “Cows!”.  The old farmer, dressed in grungy jeans and plaid shirt, is often seen driving his old tractor around his fields. It’s just like a scene from a movie. (more…)

Theft from a Road-Side Stall

The other morning, I returned from a weekend away to find all but two leaves on tomato plant eaten, stalks still in tact. Rookie mistake. Should have put my upside-down tomato planter in a place those selfish indiscriminate deers couldn’t reach. I was gutted; it was my first growing project (though my husband assures me that, in the 10 years we’ve been sleeping next to each other, many-a-growing project has suffered under my lack of guidance). I was looking forward to tasting a tomato grown by my own hand. (more…)