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Council day 184: Water use restrictions

You can find North Cowichan’s water use restrictions here, with answers to frequently asked questions.  (more…)


Council Day 181: A vision quest

We had a special council meeting last week to define the priorities for our term on council. During this exercise, we talked about improving our vision statement. I’ve come up with an idea, explained below. I would like your input. Could this work? How can we improve on it? Do you have a better idea? Write a comment here or email me at


Acceptance speech

I’m still riding high from the big news on Saturday that I was elected to council. There were strong candidates in this race. When I look at all the names of candidates who didn’t make the top six, I am humbled.

It takes help to be elected councillor for the Municipality of North Cowichan. Not just any help, but constant, committed, determined help that lasts five long weeks. It’s time to identify and thank a handful of those devotees.