And A Side Of Hairy Cat’s Ear Fries

We have a good-sized yard. Much of it is septic field, but there are pockets where this house’s previous owner planted the most beautiful irises, daisies, lilies, camellia, hydrangea, and poppies. Since we bought the house, the garden has become progressively more wild. Noticing all the dandelions and tall grasses, my friend Heather said, with the same awkward kindness upon greeting an ugly baby, “This garden has…potential.” (more…)

Two Hot Pockets and a Strap

While on the phone with one of my fellow Renaissance sisters, I mentioned that I had a sewing machine for this month’s meeting. The Mister looked at me. “You have a what?” he asked, smirking. His incredulity, though a little hurtful, is completely warranted. The only thing I’ve sewn in my life is an apron in Grade 8 Home Economics. The only thing I remember liking about it was embroidering ‘SK8’ on the pocket. (I was a pretend skate betty [a girl skateboarder]. I say pretend because I hung out with all the skater dudes but didn’t own a skateboard. Poser.) (more…)