No Place Like Home

We have had the most ridiculous month. The usual things (sick kids) plus a few less usual things (broken finger, bad back) were put into perspective when we got an early morning call from the mister’s family in the UK: his dad passed away. (more…)

Newborn Calf on Mays Road

On our way to Saison Market for sticky cinnamon buns and brie and pear¬†focaccia, we passed the Mays Road farm where the cows sit right next to the road. They’re always there: big, brown, lazy beasts that inspire gleeful shouts from the inhabitants of two car seats in the back of our van, “Cows!”. ¬†The old farmer, dressed in grungy jeans and plaid shirt, is often seen driving his old tractor around his fields. It’s just like a scene from a movie. (more…)

Saison Market’s Green Eggs and Feet

If you haven’t been to Saison Market on Mays Road for a taste of France, consider yourself lucky. Once you do, no bread or pastry will taste the same. But this isn’t about Saison’s incredibly-sweet-yet-impossibly-light cinnamon buns, or their tortiere that in one bite could make an anglophone bilingual. This is about green eggs and hens feet. (more…)