Chemainus All-Candidates’ Meeting: Debrief

At the Chemainus all-candidates’ meeting last night, North Cowichan’s three mayoral candidates—Damir Wallener, Jon Lefebure, and John Koury—debated topics of water, the climate action energy plan, amalgamation, and increasing tax revenue.

It was a refreshing change in format from the three-minute speech they gave at Maple Bay. None of the three presented their best selves at that event.


A Bicycle Named Steve

May 21, 2012

Tonight was my first speech at Toastmasters — the Ice Breaker speech. I was so nervous I nearly cried and spoke too fast at the beginning, but that’s why I’m going to Toastmasters, to settle these ridiculous butterflies. The topic for the Ice Breaker speech is me, something about my life. It’s a fun tale, so I thought I’d share it with you. Enjoy!